Concept art: The Town Hall, Colored

Here’s the Town Hall, a hot spot to find new quests to help gather cash, items, and progress the storyline. The mayor… looks familiar…



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2 thoughts on “Concept art: The Town Hall, Colored

  1. Matt

    Love the look of the designs so far, how big is the town slated to be? Will there be a general populace as well as the merch and quest givers?

  2. James Post author

    The towns will vary in size. There will be a general populace. One of the incentives in the kickstarter campaign will be for those who donate a large sum of money, in which they’re going to be drawn into the game as NPCs, merchants, quest givers, story elements, etc. Not sure what the pledge amount will be for that. It’s got to be low enough for people to be interested, but high enough so that I don’t have to draw and implement 300 NPCs.


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