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TigerHawks Concept Art: Pilots


So, I had a really interesting idea to add a different aspect of gameplay to TigerHawks. You would assume the role of a fighter pilot, and based on your interaction with other pilots in-between missions, you may receive boosts in abilities, weapons, missions, etc, OR… you may end up pissing off your wing man, thereby making them less eager to help you out with bogeys on your tail.

Here are some concepts of your fighter colleagues. Female pilots are coming soon.

Some people like seeing how I go about drawing this kind of art. Here is a quick Photoshop sketch of the first pilot. From the sketch, I traced and colored him into Flash, then did a TON of touch-ups to get his color, line-weight and proportions looking good. The other pilots use the same body (albeit scaled), and their faces are slightly perturbed from the original (hair color, facial structure, eye shape, mouth shape) until they have their own look.



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TigerHawks: Combat and Carrier Landing concept art.



Here’s some concept art on combat and landing on a carrier. The combat is more open than most shoot’em-ups, where you rely more heavily on radar to track your opponents. Landing ends up being a little mini-game, which helps you build experience. Building experience increases your rank, which allows you to fly more capable planes.

I’m getting super excited about this one, guys! 



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TigerHawks: Evading Bogeys and Helping Your Wingman


Here are some concept images of trying to evade a bogey on your tail, and helping out your wing man if he’s got one on his tail.


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TigerHawks: Missile Lock

Here’s some concept art of what a missileLockmissile lock should look like in-game. Getting PUMPED!

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TigerHawks: Coming Soon

concept TigerHawks is the latest project in development for FRG. It’s a throwback to classic shmups, with a little something new — in particular one-on-one dogfights and evading/outrunning missiles from the rear of the plane. You can fly different planes with different abilities to better handle the challenges of particular levels. Enlist the aid of drones to mitigate damage and increase your firepower. Tons of enemies to fight against beautiful backdrops. A quirky storyline to boot. TigerHawks will be available for purchase on iOS, Android, and OUYA. No release date yet. Keep your ears open.

I’ve decided to start in on this project to help goad me along in learning HTML5 game development using Cocos2D-html5. The clients want me to be workable in this new environment as soon as possible. It’s a new framework, with new syntax and a new API. So the best way to learn is to jump in and get your hands dirty. I may segue this into learning Obj-C/Cocos2d, since Cocos2D-html5 is a JavaScript binding of the native iOS framework. Wish me luck everyone.


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Little Tikes: River Run is live!

My latest client project is complete. It’s a children’s game for Little Tikes. Another fast project, but hopefully this leads to bigger and better things in HTML 5.



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More concept art


I’m working on a new idea, which may end up being my first trip into doing 3D development in Unity. I’ve been doing a LOT of training in 3D modeling lately. In fact, here’s my first textured model.



I know… I have a long way to go. But, it’s happening finally. Been looking forward to this transition for almost a decade.

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A new project in the works

For the first time in a long while, I had one of those moments where you’re suddenly filled with a new and exciting idea. I drew out what I could, and I like where it’s going.



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The Streets of Spooksville is live!



Good news everyone! My latest project went live! I worked as lead programmer on a quick, month long project for the Hub called The Streets of Spooksville. Click here to play!

Fun project! Looking forward to working on more in the near future. This project was a little daunting in the short amount of time I had to complete it. Box2D really helped out in making this production fast, stable, and reliable. Great work on design, artwork,  and project management by my fellow developers over at We Love Butterfly.

As a lot of programmers know, a lot of development goes into the tools. On top of the building the game, I built a editor to make assembling new levels much easier, and wow… what a life saving decision that was. Keeping the client as closely involved in the development of what they’re effectively paying for makes them happy. And happy clients are about as good as it gets. Sure, a level editor takes a little extra time up front. But, at the 11th hour, those last minute client requests and edits come in waves. Lots of waves. A quick turn around is important to keep those waves from turning into tsunamis.

It feels good to work with new clients. More to come. Keep your ears open.


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More concept art

Thought you guys might enjoy some more concept art.

cat_piratesCat pirates are some furry little NPCs and enemies throughout some of the tropical areas in Conjurer. They’re adorable, but don’t let their cuteness fool you. They are bloodthirsty little savages –  Vicious little cutthroat scoundrels!

omen_polesOmen Poles are NPC objects that act as quest points and hints to find secret areas. They’re guarded by Touki Birds, and house the souls of those who betray others in a heinous manner. They speak in riddles, and the taller a pole is, the more complete the riddle you receive.

gomer_the_poetGomer the Poet is a lovable NPC and quest giver that always seems to end up horribly maimed, slashed, impaled, crushed or inconvenienced.  He only talks in rhyme, which is more than likely due to brain damage.

touki_birdsFairy Doors are little doors that are hidden everywhere. If you happen to have a fairy key, you can shrink yourself down and see what’s inside. It might be treasure. It might be a helpful items. It might even have someone inside to talk to. Keep your eyes peeled!

fairy_doorsTouki Birds are tough giant birds that reside in the tropics. They hassle you by acting very territorial and dropping heavy objects on your head. You can trick them into triggering traps and puzzles if you’re smart enough.

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