New Years Resolutions

Resolution #1: More posts on the dev blog

It’s difficult to write a blog and try and keep things relevant and interesting. Try it. You’ll see what I’m talking about. You all couldn’t give a shit if I said “Been two weeks, no progress because nothing is really working yet.” But, on the other hand, living under the judgement of those who want to see my work succeed is exactly what keeps me motivated. So, expect more updates.

Resolution #2: Stop reinventing the wheel.

This is somewhat related to post 1, in that I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to build a new back-end graphics and physics component system to an Entity framework that controls all game objects loaded on screen. I’d already written one at BlindSquirrelGames for Beards and Glory, but given that I don’t work there anymore, I can’t really use it. That’s OK! Because that B&G framework was custom tailored to run on mobile devices, and as anyone out there who has worked on mobile game development can attest, it’s a VERY limiting platform. This time around, it feels nice to stretch my legs and not to be so constrained by such an environment.

So, it’s been rather frustrating to start from scratch, because I simply DON’T have the time. So, after doing a lot of research, I’ve decided to use the Citrus Engine.┬áIt supports two major features that I have already spent 2 weeks trying to hammer out on my own:

Rigid body physics support using Nape.

GPU-enabled rendering using Starling.

Couple that with the Xbox360 gamepad support (Windows only) that I’ve already implemented thanks to a fantastic Native Extension written by Rhuno, and it’s finally time to start cranking out some new features!

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